The Forgotten Pandemic

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This compelling documentary sheds light on how opioid addiction has quietly become a pandemic. This film shows the darkness related to addiction and sheds light with stories of hope and recovered individuals.  THE FORGOTTEN PANDEMIC is a 40 minute, short documentary featuring doctors, EMTs, pastors, counselors, family members, and leaders in recovery sharing their personal stories of freedom. 

Featuring:  Grammy-Winning Christian Artist Zach Williams, Mark Hall from Casting Crowns, Best-selling author Dr. Neil Anderson, Knox County Mayor and former pro-wrestler Glenn Jacobs, and the Pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church Robby Gallaty


The vision behind The Forgotten Pandemic is to encourage the Church that addiction is not a surprise to God. We hope to embolden and empower people and bring light to the very dark place of addiction. Our desire with this film is to eradicate bondage, shame, and fear by proclaiming the Truth — There is absolute freedom from the chains of addiction!

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